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live and tell those stories yourself

Characters: Chuck, Raleigh, mentions of Herc, Max and other various characters
Setting: Hospital
Summary: However long after Mako and Raleigh were brought back in, a second escape pod was found.
Rating: TBD
Status: Open to Raleigh
Warnings: swearing, more tbd

Saying goodbye to his dad had been as shitty as saying goodbye to Raleigh and when it had come down to it, he couldn't bear to say the words. He'd hugged Max, done what they always did and turned to the to convey how he really felt. After all, if he knew what his dad wanted to say, then his dad knew what he wanted to say, right?

Didn't stop him from making a point later, when it became clear what they had to do. There was no way to drop the payload, no way to detonate without blowing Striker Eureka and themselves with it. He'd stared at Penteost -Stacker- and the Marshal had stared back. They both knew. And Chuck had made sure his dad knew that he'd listened. He'd always listened. His heart broke when Mako said her goodbyes and his mind turned to Raleigh.

Then there was nothing.

And then there was pain; white, hot burning agony that coursed through every fiber of his being and made him scream. He couldn't move. He panicked. He hurts. God, he hurt. And then there were people and voices and words he couldn't make sense of except 'radiation' and 'poisoning' and 'burns' and 'alive' and 'miracle'.

Words that were about him.

The next thing Chuck knew, he was propped up slightly in a bed in a too bright room that smelled of cleaning agents. There was a tube in his nose and another in his hand and several disappearing under the sheet that covered his naked body. His dad was slumped in a chair, arms crossed over his chest while he slept. He looked wrecked

When he woke again, he once again had a guest. This time, not his dad.


ooc: up to you how long it's been. Hours, days, weeks, whatever, I'm happy to roll with whatever. Coma's always possible, to explain a longer period of time, and a little bit of healing. Or we can go with all the wounds being fresh.
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Finish the mission.

It’s a mantra that’s scrolling in a marquee through his head that stems from both himself and Mako every second after Striker detonates and sends shockwaves through the Pacific and Raleigh’s heart. He’d been watching, trying desperately to see through the crushing blackness of the ocean if Stacker had ejected Chuck, there was no need for both to die, it was completely unnecessary so he had to have, right?

He doesn’t know. There’s no way he’s going to know until the mission is over – if he makes it through.

All Raleigh can do is push himself even harder, spurned by hope and desperation and it helps Mako, that desire to see Chuck again, helps her deal with her own grief while in the Drift. It gives her something to focus on, something to keep her mind on the task at hand. They’re a team, they work together, share their suffering together and Raleigh knows that when given the chance, he will mourn Stacker Pentecost as if he were his own father.

For now, they have work to do, they have a Cat V to kill, and then

Then at the end of the day he’s pretty sure it’s all over for him; he’s sent Mako up, his oxygen is nonexistent, he’s too close to Gipsy’s core and radiation is just seeping into his suit, he swears he can feel it, and it seems so, so hopeless.

All I have to do is fall. Anyone can fall.

Except something pushes him on, gets him into that pod and he blacks out, swears maybe he hears Yancy’s voice just before he hits the void of unconsciousness.

He wakes up to Mako’s tears on him and he wonders if it’s her that brought him back, pulled him out of the comfortable blackness he’d settled into and he hugs her, rejoices that it’s over, though he’s looking over her shoulder, hoping and watching and she pats his hair and confirms.

Chuck’s not in good shape, though – it’s a long time before even Herc can get in there and see him, let alone Raleigh Becket, but he argues and fights for it and Herc…

He sees Raleigh’s dedication to his son and he’s not real sure of Becket’s intentions (didn’t they hate each other?) but he lets him in, because someone sitting with Chuck whiel Herc has to work is better than Chuck waking up alone.

If he wakes up.

It’s weeks before he does; weeks of agonizing pacing and arguing and even praying – Raleigh’s not a praying man, never has been, but for this he prays. Finally, it’s when Raleigh’s slumped in the chair, half asleep, a book in his lap.

Chuck’s voice wakes him up and the book falls unnoticed and he drags his chair closer, blue eyes intense and focused.

“Hey, Chuck.”
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He leans forward and rests his elbows on his knees and tilts his head.

"Yeah. Yeah Chuck, we closed it."

Raleigh smiles at him, clasps his fingers together and rests his chin on his hands.

"How're you feeling?"

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"You'll be sore for a while."

The nurse hadn't given Raleigh personally a run down on the details - he's not family and therefore no one is really obligated to tell him anything, but he'd gotten a quick summary from Herc.

"My best guess is he sent you on up. Do you remember that at all?"
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"The Marshal was a good man."

Raleigh thumbs his jaw and leans back in his chair.

"That and you're too pretty to die." Raleigh smiles crookedly, though a quick examination of Chuck's face has him answering the question before it's asked.

"You're dads Marshal now. He's been here more than me, but it figures the minute he goes and has to handle something, you wake up."
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he does, he has such a pretty face :>

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"...A while."

That's kind of hard to admit and he thinks maybe it should be Herc having this talk, but Herc isn't here, Raleigh is, so.

"Couple weeks."
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"Relax, Chuck."

Hard words to listen to, but. He doesn't know what else to say. His bedside manner has never been the best.

"Yeah. It's gonna hurt for a while."
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He does have an idea, yes. A very good one.

"A lot. Radiation burns, some busted ribs...your dad would be able to give you a better summary, though." He smiles tiredly. "You're alive, though."

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Raleigh is...

A very troubled soul, with a lot of serious issues that delve into things best left out of polite conversation. He's...a little dark, sometimes.

"Yeah, man. You're face is still good." He does smile at Chuck though, because, well -- that's so Chuck.

"That you did."
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"Yeah, Chuck. We're good."

He smiles at Chuck but then there's a nurse bustling in, checking on him and he's awake and how wonderful is that and how are you feeling?

She will also inform him of his damage.

[ ooc; my lazy way of explaining what's wrong with him XD I just wasn't sure what all you wanted or planned etc so feel free to run with that. ]

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"You're alive," he agrees, folding his arms and leaning back in the chair. The rundown had been informational for him, too, and he was glad to know, glad he was here for that.

"You'll heal, Chuck. It'll be long going, but..."

He drags his hands through his hair.

"You'll be okay."

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Raleigh's eyes follow Chuck's, then move back up. Scars were scars. He had some of his own.

"I don't mind staying."

Raleigh's been on Chuck's end before - it helps to have someone there, even if they're just reading a book or doing a crossword puzzle.

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"She's still here. She told me that she wanted to finish what Stacker started, so I think she's gonna be sticking around to help with the decommissioning."

It made sense.
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"She's..." He frowns and scrubs a hand over his face. Raleigh knows exactly how Mako feels -- he'd felt her pain in the Drift and sometimes, when they're in close proximity to one another, he feels it again. He's also acutely aware of what it's like to lose a parent - one to illness, another to cowardice.

"Coping as best she can." He helps when she needs it, and also when she thinks she doesn't.

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