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Chuck was nine years old when the first Kaiju attached, ten when another was responsible for the death of his mother. His father, Hercules Hansen, and Uncle Scott enlisted in the Jaeger Academy, and Chuck was raised in Shatterdomes on the principles of the Pan Pacific Defence Corps.

At 15, Chuck was the youngest Ranger in the Defence Corps to enlist in the Academy, and his impulsive nature and unwillingness to fail allowed him to rise to the top of the ranks. After his uncle was dismissed, Chuck was found to be Drift Compatible with his father and he was assigned to co-pilot Striker Eureka.
With the closure of Shatterdomes worldwide, Chuck and Herc were relocated to Hong Kong, with the intention of ending the war once and for all, under orders of Marshal Stacker Pentecost, but not without one final kill in Australia that pushed Striker Eureka to the top of the leader board, with ten Kaiju defeats to their name.

Due to his status as an elite pilot and a world record holder, Chuck has become arrogant and overly self-assured, and the fame that comes with the title has instilled the 21-year-old with a belief that he can do what he wants, when he wants, without consequence. With such a cocky attitude, it’s no wonder that Chuck looks down on anyone he doesn’t deem worthy, an attitude that he targets specifically at Raleigh Becket, a former-turned-reinstated Pilot, whom he sees as a has-been and a coward who sacrificed his brother before he ran from the Corps five years earlier.

A perfectionist, Chuck has no tolerance for failure in anyone, including himself, and he looks down on anyone who shows weakness, believing that those things are leading factors in what brought the Jaeger Program down.

Thanks largely to being raised in Shatterdomes, Chuck has next to no social life outside of other Rangers, having chosen instead to dedicate himself to becoming the best Ranger the PPDC had rather than making friends.

His relationship with his father is largely non-existent. Chuck is bitter over the loss of his mother, and blames Herc for not saving her, resenting that his father chose him instead. Despite Herc’s best efforts to try and be a better father, Chuck only sees Herc as a rival, someone to surpass in his ability as a pilot and believes that if they weren’t Drift Compatible, they wouldn’t talk at all.
Despite his attitude towards other pilots, Chuck has shown his unwillingness to just stand by and watch as other Rangers are killed in battle, choosing instead to step in and offer aid.

The only living creature Chuck seems to actually like is his dog, Max, whom he showers with love and affection and who often acts as a buffer between the two Hansens and as way that, on rare occasions, the two men can display their feelings for one another.

ooc: Chuck Hansen and all other PacRim characters belong to the amazing Guillermo del Toro. I am in no way affiliated with the Pacific Rim universe and am only using Chuck for fun times. Rob Kazinsky belongs to himself. Mun and muse are both of legal age. Chuck was born in 2003, but with his canon point being 2025, he is 21 years old.

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