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"Don't say shit like that."

Dean muttered, crossing his arms on the back of the couch and leaned his chin on it. He frowns, setting Chuck with a stare.

"He would of stayed for a while anyways. Someone had to take over Pentecost's job and lead the aftermath. "
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"Your his son, you idiot." Dean hisses. "Not his burden. So quit throwing yourself on the fire pits over nothing. I'm sure he wouldn't have wanted to go home with out you. Hell he may not even like it."
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She's my secret weapon
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I dunno how I feel about that answer.

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Sounds like one to hang on to, really. Think I've heard of him actually... might have met (just don't remember). But really, don't take that for granted.
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OH YEAH! I remember him now... and little Miss Mako... yes. That Raleigh, huh? Damn lucky. He's probably one of the nicest people I've ever met... though that's not saying much.

Previous line of work and all, I wasn't too accustomed to friendly individuals. I like what I do now. Wish I could have done what you guys do, but I think I'm too broken for it, anyway. Can still hold a wrench, at least.

Understatement of the year... and he is painfully aware of it.
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Eh... well... you may have seen me around before. Maybe. but we're all kind of hard to tell apart all covered in grease and shit. Seems like even on a good day you guys can't keep from getting something banged up. Then again, grease monkeys gotta make money some how. Keep getting things all torn up! Just... at a decent hour?
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Been lobbying for that for a few years actually. Stryker is a beautiful machine... But mainly I served for Cherno for a while troubleshooting comms. Now they've got me synchronizing diesel strands for Gypsy. Very fun stuff, really. I like the complexity. he smirks softly, thinking about it.

She shows her age, but damn of she isn't a piece of art. Absolutely will stay on with her if I don't get moved on that request.
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Seen Striker in person a handful of times... up close, I mean. Once when we had to check in and make sure everything was running smooth when you guys arrived... I just wish I'd had more time. Cutting edge shit, and all. If you ever need an extra tech, tell 'em John Lugo's looking bored. :)
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Oh, it will. People give up hope, but I won't. And you've got my number. And if Raleigh has any friends... well... oh, never mind. Just text me if anything pops up, yeah?