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Post-Pitfall Head canon.

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So for anyone who is interested, I’ve decided to write up a list of injuries and other damages that Chuck suffered post-Pitfall in AUs where he survives. Generally, this follows the idea that Stacker Pentecost knocked him out cold (because let’s face it, the stubborn bastard wouldn’t willingly leave his co-pilot) and shoves him in the escape pod, managing to get him out in time to avoid certain death.

These are obviously all only head canons and are a mixture of things I’ve read in fics including the Aftermath series by snack_size (go read this, it’s amazing!). 

The following are the standard injuries in all Chuck!survives AUs:

• Radiation poisoning.
• Radiation burns.
• Multiple broken/fractured ribs.
• Mild internal bleeding.
• A broken leg.
• A concussion.
• Compromised gross motor skills.

The rest are determined by ‘verse (and meme):

• Compromised fine motor skills.
• Memory issues – usually short term.
• Amputation – usually a leg, too damaged to repair.

And of course there are mental issues that follow, including:

• Anxiety.
• Depression.
• Insomnia.
• Nightmares.

I also run on the theory that Chuck was in a coma for near to a month afterwards as his body attempted to heal itself. It could also be medically induced.

Basically, the above lists are what I will be running with for anything post-Pitfall. Chuck is also somewhat erratic emotionally and may go from calm and relaxed to angry and rude in the blink of an eye. Forgive him. He’s struggling. And no one will let him see Max.

Please note: ghost!Chuck AUs are also welcomed ;)