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For Raleigh

The last few months had been incredibly draining on them all, especially Raleigh and Chuck had done all he could to help keep his Soul Mate as comfortable as possible. Herc had organised for select doctors, ones who had experience working with ill pilots, to come out to their home in Australia so that Raleigh didn't have to leave.

So it came as a shock when they were asked to move him to the nearest PPDC related hospital with the instruction to get there as quickly as possible and that it was important. So Chuck had helped Raleigh get ready and Herc had driven them down to the hospital.

They'd immediately been ushered into a private room and told to wait there while the nurse went to fetch one of Raleigh's doctors. He was nervous; Raleigh had only been getting sicker, he was pale and losing weight and to be called in like this despite having been hired to come to them, it was nerve wracking to the say the least. His mind instantly flooded with the worst case scenarios, all the what-ifs and concerns rearing the ugly heads and making it hard to breathe.

But he fought through, keeping Raleigh's hand firmly in his own as they waited.

His breathing stopped completely when the doctor came in, no introductions and no hesitations, skipping straight to the point.

"Ranger Becket. I believe we've found a cure."
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It wasn't the declaration he had been expecting.

No, Raleigh had been waiting for something like 'there's nothing else we can do, time to make you as comfortable as possible, do you have a will,' blah blah blah.

The words that come out of the doctors mouth leaving him gasping for air and staring stupidly at the man, jaw furiously working but no sound coming out.

A cure? Was that even possible? Dare he hope?


It's all he can manage.
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He isnt' sure he knows how to breath. It's not what he was expecting and while it's amazing, wonderful news he still feels like the wind has been punched right out of him.

The doctors explain - best they can - how and why, but it's a hard thing to do because translating medical jargon into understandable English isn't always easy.

Best they can explain, cancer research has been going on for years. Years and years and years, and there's always been lots of experimental drugs in the making in order to combat the disease and kill it before it kills you - like it's doing to Raleigh.

What they've discovered is a way to take the cancer cells and transform them back into proper blood cells - without killing the patient in the process.

It's still experimental, but they've had a very high success rate and would Raleigh like to give it a whirl?

It's not like he's got a lot to lose at this point.

"Y-yeah. Of course."

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He's still reeling even as the doctors leave, because is it even really possible, or are they just fucking with him. He's so tired and weak and he's been on the brink of giving up for weeks and just letting go, but ever since Chuck he's managed to hold on, refusing to give in and succumb.


That's all he can say - just a quiet yeah in agreement, because holy shit is right.

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"I'm afraid to hope," he says quietly, leaning slightly against Chuck and closing his eyes. "It's like...after all of this, it seems so unreal."

And he's afraid to place hope in something experimental - especially if it doesn't work. What then? Then does he finally give up, let his body give out?

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With that expression on Chuck's face, even if Raleigh wanted to say no he couldn't.

He leans against him and closes his eyes, pressing his rail thin form up against the much bulkier body of Chuck.

"Yeah. Course I will."
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Raleigh's painfully thin, muscle mass deteriorated away with all of the radiation and chemo treatments he's had. But he still holds Chuck back and presses his face into Chuck's shoulder, taking comfort in his solidity.

"Yeah. Course."

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He easily folds into Chuck's lap and curls in against him, dropping his head against the other mans shoulder.

"I love you, too."

Without question.
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They try and answers Chuck's questions as best they can and Raleigh listens to - they're relevant to him and Chucks' asking everything he would've asked, anyway.

He's grateful Chuck is here to do it -- when you're being bombarded with health and medical information it can be hard to take everything in and remember it. He remembers Yancy going in with his mother back at the beginning and listening with her, relaying most of it when they got home to the rest of them because she'd been too shocked to do it herself.

So it's nice.

"There is always a chance it wont work," the doctor says quietly. "But we've had a very high success rate with this treatment."

"I'm dying anyway, right?" Raleigh interjects, pulling himself up off of Chuck and finally speaking for himself. "I mean, it won't make a difference if it makes it worse or not, right?"

The doctor hums, and gives a short, solemn nod.

"If...it didn't work, it would likely accelerate your condition. But yes, Raleigh...you're dying anyway."

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"I want to try," Raleigh says, leaning against Chuck with a quiet exhale. He has nothing else to lose, except maybe a few precious days.

But isn't that worth it? If it works?

He thinks so.

"Yes," The doctor says back, flipping through papers on his clipboard. "We'll need to monitor and make sure he isn't reacting negatively."

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"I guess the as soon as possible"

He gives a low laugh that's lacking mirth.

"...I mean, I'm not getting any better or younger, now am I."

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Raleigh groans.

"I'm only five years older..."

But it's good natured banter. For the first time in quite a while, he feels a little spark of hope stirring in his chest.

"That'd be nice..I'd like to get in the pool again."

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Raleigh sighs and lets it go, though he's secretly amused at Chuck's needling.

"Yeah...that would be great."

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He smiles and lets Chuck tug him in, heat pooling in his core at the words.

"Love you too."