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For Yancy

They didn't get a whole lot of down time. The Kaiju were coming more frequently and they were rarely left with time to just let go and relax, pretend they weren't just killing hours between each alarm. So when Herc had come up to him and told him to take the night off, Chuck had only hesitated for a moment -as long as it had taken for his old man to confirm that Doctor Gottlieb had assured him there would be no Kaiju attack tonight.

It hadn't taken much to convince Yancy that leaving the 'Dome was the best idea if they wanted any form of time away from interruptions. The hotel they checked into wasn't anything super fancy -there wasn't much in the way of that anymore- but it had obviously been before K-Day and the staff put them in a large room, away from most others.

The bathroom was Chuck's first stop after dumping his stuff. The showers at the 'Dome were fine for what they were needed for, but they weren't anything fancy. Not in comparison. But...

"Yance! Feel like having a bath?"
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Yancy's not far behind Chuck, moving a little slower because of old injuries and less agility, but he's coming all the same. It's a nice enough hotel - nice enough meaning it's still standing - clean bedding, scrubbed bathroom.

He sets his duffle down just inside the door and comes to peer over Chuck's shoulder, into the bathroom.

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Nah, not five star. But it'll do.

Yancy just smiles and lets Chuck take the lead, lifting his arms for Chuck to pull the tshirt off and over his head, reaching to settle a hand on his hip when it falls to the floor.

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Yancy shivers, not protesting the touches but instead savoring them, enjoying them, because God knows he doesn't let anyone else touch him.

"Mm..get behind me?"

Maybe he feels like being pampered. He aches and his bones are weary and he just wants to relax against Chuck's chest and close his eyes.

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He carefully climbs into the tub, holding on to the edge and Chuck's shoulder as he settles in with a relieved groan. It's hot and feels good on aching muscles and Chuck's chest is solid against his back.

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"It's good."

He sighs happily and leans back, eyes closed as he sinks a little deeper and relaxes.

"This was a good idea."

Relaxes his bones.

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"Mm..maybe next time we'll remember before we get in.."

He chuckles and tips his head back, resting against Chuck.

God this feels good.

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He groans, body melting into Chuck, letting his boyfriend wash him and all his cares float away.

"You're the best."