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Contact: PM, please. IM is open to regular partners, contact info available on request.
Time zone: Australia. AEDT (Oct-Mar), AEST (Apr-Sept)

Backtagging: Always welcome. Tagging old memes is also allowed and encouraged! I tend to be on the opposite time zone and work full time so I may be slow to respond, but I'm more than happy to keep a thread going until it's run it's course. I'm always happy to move to overflow posts; particularly with TFLN memes if you wish to continue the thread once captcha kicks in.
Threadhopping: Determined by threads - if in doubt, PM me first.
Fourthwalling: Always PM first please.
Offensive subjects: I'm okay with most things but I always encourage discussing potentially triggering or offensive subjects beforehand.



Contact with Chuck

Chuck's bad at Emotions™ but he usually won't react badly.
Kissing: He won't punch you probably but having CR beforehand will massively reduce the risk.
Flirting: Definitely welcome but he's dumb and probably won't notice.
Fighting: He probably started it.
Injuring: Minor injuries are okay. Anything serious or lasting will need to be discussed first.
Killing: Would prefer not to do this so always PM first. Death memes = exceptions with discussion.
Powers: Chuck himself has no powers*. Please always ask before using powers on Chuck.
             *Unless the meme calls for it, in which case they will be stated.


Shipping and Relationships:

Chuck is difficult, has poor communication skills, high expectations and tends to be quite smug about his achievements. However, underneath all of his issues and defensive brashness, he actually really likes people. So if you can get passed his bad attitude, it'll probably pay off. Gen is always encouraged!
Sexual: I play Chuck as comfortably gay but with minimal/no relationship experience he was busy saving the world, okay?. He is neither "out" nor "closeted", he just is. If asked, he'll tell the truth, otherwise he feels like it's nobodies goddamn business. I have no interest in playing out smut. Before and after is always preferred, with fade-to-black for the action itself.
Favourite ships: Raleigh Becket, Yancy Becket
Liked ships:



Cross-canon is always welcome and is encouraged. Please be sure to respect if I ask for no spoilers on your muses' canon, which I will do if the need arises but it doesn't mean that I'm not up for playing with you. I prefer live action PBs and will not ship with animated characters.